Membership Benefits

Here’s what our current members have to say…


  • “Networking with industry peers.”
  • “Relationships  they have grown since I started coming about 6 years ago.”
  • “The open sharing of ideas with comrades and competitors, all done on the up and up.”
  • “The chance to network with / talk to / learn from other members of the book manufacturing industry  both the BMI conferences and Roundtables offer this opportunity.”
  • “The friendships I’ve made.”
  • “The networking and being kept informed on what is happening in our industry.”
  • “Camaraderie and relationships built over the years make for not only enjoyment but also for a very special infrastructure of talent to address virtually any industry happening.  The industries most comprehensive sounding board for the issues facing our industry.”
  • “To add value to your business or profession through associations within BMI.”
  • “Eating, sleeping and living book manufacturing in our own worlds, it is refreshing to be around people who do the same.  We all juggle similar personal and professional issues but might attack them differently in different parts of the country.  Bringing together the industry’s national / international resources has value beyond the day to day business issues.”


  • “Timely industry and business updates via topics discussed and spoken about at conferences.”
  • “The speakers of the past few years have been of a higher grade and have been helpful regarding the economy and how to be more competitive.”
  • “It is instructive to see how other CEOs manage their businesses and deal with challenges that are common to all of us.”
  • “To interact with professionals in the book industry discussing policy, processes and other items related to book manufacturing.”
  • “It is the most productive meeting we attend all year.  Meeting with industry contemporaries, suppliers, potential partners (ally’s) in an uninterrupted period of three or four days is very valuable.”
  • “Industry knowledge  a quick snapshot of what is going on from competitors and suppliers.”


  • “Roundtables  HR, IT and Finance provide excellent benchmarks and information from within our industry.”


  • “Connections to AAP and others.”
  • “Access and introductions to members of the publishing community at the highest level because of our choice of speakers and Pat Schroeder at the AAP.”
  • “To understand the political forces in Washington that affect policies relating to the publishing and manufacture of books.”
  • “The opportunity to gain better knowledge of what resources are available from the supplier community.”


  • “To be active in a world class organization whose mission is committed to progress related to the manufacture of books.”