James H. Fetherston, Chair

Purpose: To administer the BMI recognition program, which features four Awards: The Master Bookman, Signature, Cased-In-Club and Gutenberg. The Awards Committee consists of five members: the Vice President of BMI and four members at large (at least one being an Associate member). The members at large have staggered three-year terms, one being replaced each year. The members are appointed by the Board of Directors.


Janet McCarthy Grimm, Chair

Purpose: To develop a program of speakers for the Management and Annual Conferences and to plan and oversee the recreational and other group activities at the Conferences. Also, to make recommendations to the Directors with respect to locations and hotels.


Bill Upton, Chair

Purpose: To be an information resource to BMI member companies on environmental issues.


Jac Garner, Chair

Purpose: To alert the industry to legislation, legal rulings and actions of federal and state agencies which affect the vital interests of the industry. To develop action programs to deal with these matters and to recommend such programs to the Board of Directors.


Bob Flatow, Chair 

Purpose: To offer direction in management of cash reserves and monitoring compliance with policies and guidelines. While the BMI Board bears ultimate responsibility for the cash reserves, the Investment Committee shall recommend to the Board the general policy for the cash reserves, and shall be responsible for day-to day guidance, monitoring and oversight.


James Kaeli, Co-Chair 
Mark Levin, Co-Chair

Purpose: To identify those companies which comprise the book manufacturing industry and to develop promotional materials and programs designed to encourage potential members to join the Institute.



Robert Shafer, Chair

Purpose (Special Projects): To identify, study and recommend funding to the Board of Directors special projects which promote literacy, reading, education or such other book related programs deserving special financial and membership support from the Institute.

Purpose (Readership): To create awareness and encourage member companies to participate in activities and support organizations that focus on preventing illiteracy in early childhood.


TBD, Chair

Purpose: To develop a program of seminars, courses, training aids and other materials designed to meet the needs of book manufacturing executives, employees and others involved in the book production process.


Nicholas Ranciglio, Chair

Purpose: To ensure that the work of the HBI/LBI continues. The LBC members will participate in association/industry events, committees and trade shows to stay current on best practices and in tune with the needs of their customers – libraries, publishers, schools, and printers and to ensure that the certification process and maintenance of standards for the Library market continues. The LBC meetings are held as a part of the BMI Management and Annual Conferences.


Dirk Hiler, Chair

Purpose: To identify those problems of an industry-wide nature with respect to safety, waste, energy, equipment, materials, and other in-plant operations and to recommend to the Directors an ongoing program of studies and activities to deal with these matters. Also, to work cooperatively with the National Association of State Textbook Administrators and the Association of American Publishers in the development of Manufacturing Standards and Specifications for Textbooks.


Dirk Hiler, Chair

Purpose: To serve as a subcommittee of the M&S Committee and to make recommendations to that Committee with respect to problems which arise when various book cover components interface. The Committee may also concern itself with non-standards related matters. All Associate Members listed as Producers of Cover Materials in the Product Classification Section of the Directory are considered Alternate Representatives on this Committee and are invited to attend the Committee meetings.


Jim Arch, Chair

Purpose: To provide advice and counsel to the BMI Board of Directors and to the Manufacturing and Standards Committee on technological and other developments, in the printing and publishing papers industry, which may affect the manufacturer of books. The Committee will only meet and engage in such activities for the purpose of providing information and guidance to BMI.


Mike Collinge, Chair

Purpose: To develop short and long range objectives that will enable BMI to enhance the value of its offerings and services to its members.


Purpose: To develop such industry reports and programs as will provide book manufacturers with factual, composite data on the various operations of the industry, and its supplier and market industries. To cooperate with other BMI Committees, allied associations and government bodies in the collection and dissemination of such information, where applicable.