Welcome to the Library Binding Council
(formerly HBI and the Library Binding Institute)

Effective, January 1, 2014, the Library Binding Council exists under the auspices of the Book Manufacturers' Institute. Formerly HBI and the Library Binding Institute, the Library Binding Council will continue to support the membership needs of certified library binders and certified institutional members in addition to advocating on behalf of the ANSI /NISO/ LBI Library Binding Standard, Z39.78-2000. You can contact Matt Baehr at [email protected]

Who Binds Hardcover Books?

Binding books with a durable and aesthetically pleasing hardcover calls for an expertise and skill set on many levels. Library Binding Council (LBC) is celebrating 75 years of hardcover binding excellence. Building on improvements in production and quality over the years, our members, who are hardcover binders, including certified library binders, are uniquely poised to print one or 1,000 books, according to specifications, quickly and accurately. Their experience with the care and handling of quantities of one or 1,000, combined with rapid production technology, makes our certified library binders the best choice for high quality and durable hardcover binding - long runs, short runs, on demand, one-off, edition binding, as well as photo books.

LBC exists to advocate the highest standards in quality, longevity, and durability of hardcover bound books. Hardcover books are bound by those who make books - long runs, short runs, print on demand, one-off, edition binding, as well as photo books.

Certified Library Binders have been binding books, one off, for a long time. In fact, the LBC has initiated and participated in standards development for nearly seventy years, including the most current library binding standard, ANSI /NISO/ LBI Library Binding Standard, Z39.78-2000.

Collaboration with constituent communities to ensure high standards in hardcover and library binding is essential. In recognition of this, the organization and its members participate in association/industry events, committees and trade shows to stay current on best practices and in tune with the needs of their customers - libraries, publishers, schools, and printers.

What is a Certified Library Binder?

Certified library binders are the original hardcover book binders dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in library binding in accordance with the ANSI/NISO/LBI Library Binding Standard Z39.78-2000.

Ask your certified library binder to show you their Certificate which indicates their membership is in good standing.